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In ancient China, most of the Chinese medicine doctors were Neigong masters. They understood how certain exercises, movements and postures could re-balance the body, mind and spirit.


Neigong (Nei = internal, Gong = practice) is normally associated with the so called internal martial arts as opposed to Waigong (Wai = external, Gong = practice) or external martial arts. The first emphasises the cultivation of the inner energy (or Qi) while the second emphasises the development of physical strength.


The fundamental purpose of practicing Neigong is for the individual to reach a higher level of consciousness and body-mind balance able to generate increased (inner and outer) strength and improved health conditions.


Well known examples of martial Neigong are the various breathing and focus trainings taught in some traditional Taiji quan, Bagua zhang and Xingyiquan schools.


At WiseHand we practice and teach Qigong Shierlianshou, Xingyi quan and Bagua zhang, all learned from Master Liu Xuyang over a period of more than 10 years in China.

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