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master liu xuyang

Under the teachings of Master Liu Xuyang, Dr. Sara Chung has become an initiated practitioner of the Sixth Generation of Bagua Zhang and a Qigong Shierlianshou Therapist Master. 

Born in 1972, Master Liu Xuyang began studying Shaolin martial arts at the age of 12. When he was 18 he had the good fortune to encounter fourth-generation baguazhang lineage holder Sheng Zhi'an, who was an accomplished doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, head of the Tangshan Qigong Association, and head fighting coach for the Hebei Provincial Police. Master Sheng was a baguazhang lineage holder who trained under Liu Wenhua, son of Dong Haichuan’s student Liu Fengchun. Master Sheng also had teachers in Shaolin shunshi and Daoist traditions, making him a veritable storehouse of cultivation knowledge. Master Liu entered into a traditional master-disciple relationship with Master Sheng, with whom he was to live under the same roof for three years and study for many more.


Master Liu's discipleship was a rigorous and thorough education in the essence of classical Chinese self-cultivation. The ways of self defense, healing, energy, philosophy, ethics, and calligraphy were all weighted with equal importance. Master Sheng transmitted to Master Liu the entirety of Liu Style baguazhang (it is named “Liu” in honor of Liu Fengchun, with whom Master Liu has no blood ties) and xingyiquan as well as the Shaolin neigong set known as Twelve Linking Hands Golden Bell. Additionally, Master Liu was taught the Chinese medicine methods of neigong massage and qigong healing by Master Sheng. This formal education made him a fifth-generation lineage holder in the art of baguazhang.


In the 1990s, with his teacher's blessing, Master Liu opened a tuina, acupressure, and medical qigong clinic in the city of Tangshan, which he operated until the political climate in China became unfriendly to qigong. Master Liu then took his skills to Beijing, where he has made it his life's work to continue transmitting the arts of Chinese self cultivation to a new generation of practitioners from all over the world, as well as to continue his work as a healer.


Master Liu's teaching style is marked by a combination of warmth and humor alongside directness, frankness, and discipline. He often states that he has no interest in shrouding the internal arts with secrecy and mysticism, nor in withholding genuine teachings or parceling them out at a snail's pace in exchange for large sums of money or personal fawning. Rather, to those who have sincerity, affinity, and a genuine devotion to practice, he teaches openly and with great attention detail.


Master Liu’s line of transmission:

Dong Haichuan             董海川

Liu Fengchun                刘凤春

Liu Wenhua                   刘文华

Sheng Zhi’an                 盛志安

Liu Xuyang                    刘旭阳

Sara Chung                   钟飞凤



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